Wine Storage at Pelican Kungsholmen

Having a big wine interest often results in both you and your wines do not have enough space. In addition, the wine bottles must be cared for all the rules of the art. The wine needs both coolness, darkness and silence for which reason the wine is best stored in a wine cellar. Whether you are new to wine storage or have a large collection, we are here to help you.

Pelican Self Storage Kungsholmen offers wine cellars in the middle of Stockholm city, easily accessible and safe.

Tempered wine cellar

You can store your wines in our fresh wine cellar which always has a guaranteed temperature of 12-14 degrees. With us the temperature is constant throughout the day and our wine stores are dark and dry and you can organise your storage so that it fits your needs.

Not just a wine storage

It is nice to easily taste wines stored to see how these develop. As a wine store customer we offer you to borrow our spacious and bright conference room at the facility for free twice a month so you and your friends can try your own wines. If you do not have your own wine glasses you can borrow from us.

High security and easily access

Of course, we offer high security in and around our wine cellar. We have an advanced access system that lets you come and go when it suits you between 05:30 to 24:00 every day of the week. The wine cellar and all the inputs are also camera-controlled. Everything to make you feel as safe as possible when you store your wine with us at Pelican Self Storage Kungsholmen. In addition, our agreements are flexible, have no long notice periods, and you can go up or down in size whenever it suits you.

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