Pelican Botkyrka

Segersbyvägen 18
145 63 Norsborg
Telefon:  +46 8 400 50 520
Opening hours - Reception
10:00 - 18:00
10:00 - 14:00
Access to storage units
All days
05:30 - 24:00

Reserve a unit at Pelican Botkyrka

0,75 m2 Locker
First 2 months -50%
First 2 months rent 75 kr./mo. Hereafter 149 kr. monthly.
1,5 m2
First 2 months -50%
First 2 months rent 200 kr./mo. Hereafter 399 kr. monthly.
3 m2
First 2 months -50%
First 2 months rent 315 kr./mo. Hereafter 629 kr. monthly.
4,5 m2
First 2 months -50%
First 2 months rent 485 kr./mo. Hereafter 969 kr. monthly.
6 m2
First 2 months -50%
First 2 months rent 580 kr./mo. Hereafter 1.159 kr. monthly.
7,5 m2
First 2 months -50%
First 2 months rent 745 kr./mo. Hereafter 1.489 kr. monthly.
9 m2
First 2 months -50%
First 2 months rent 920 kr./mo. Hereafter 1.839 kr. monthly.
12 m2
First 2 months -50%
First 2 months rent 1.195 kr./mo. Hereafter 2.389 kr. monthly.
15 m2
First 2 months -50%
First 2 months rent 1.400 kr./mo. Hereafter 2.799 kr. monthly.
18 m2
First 2 months -50%
First 2 months rent 1.720 kr./mo. Hereafter 3.439 kr. monthly.
22,5 m2
First 2 months -50%
First 2 months rent 2.320 kr./mo. Hereafter 4.639 kr. monthly.
27 m2 Garage
First 2 months -50%
First 2 months rent 2.790 kr./mo. Hereafter 5.579 kr. monthly.
Didn't find the wanted unit?
We offer sizes from 1-30m2 in all locations. Call +46 20 - 340 340 to hear more.

About Pelican Botkyrka

Pelican Self Storage Botkyrka is located in Eriksberg/Norsborg with close connection to E4/E20, and about 15 minutes outside the Stockholm city centre. Nearby is a large shopping district with ICA maxi, Bauhaus and Biltema.

In our secure 5-storey storage facility you can rent ventilated storage units in different sizes, from small 1 m³ units to large units of 36 m².

Our staff is available 6 days a week and is happy to act as a size guide or help you with storage of what you need - Furniture, clothes, bags or storage boxes do not matter, we help you. The store sells moving materials such as moving boxes, bubble wrap and other packing materials. The store is open Monday to Saturday and is happy to answer questions or provide professional moving assistance. In addition, we offer free trailers for your car, which means that you do not have to hire a moving company or fix a rental trailer in Botkyrka to transport what needs to be stored, we will gladly provide you with one.

Discover the benefits of smart storage

The benefits of Pelican storage solutions are many. We listen to your needs and do our best to ensure that you are always satisfied when you rent storages from us, always with high security. For example, we know the value of always having free access to your storage, which is the reason why you can access what you store every day between 5.30-24.00. In addition, we know that a common problem with basements and attics risks frost and moisture. When you rent storage at Pelican Botkyrka, you do not have to worry. We have storage with heat control, which means that your things will be stored in the right temperature and humidity.

Pelican's rental service is available to both individuals and companies. We have equipped our warehouse facility with loading areas where loading and unloading takes place under a roof, which makes the handling of goods easier regardless of the weather. We also provide pallet trucks and free trailers if you need cheap moving assistance. As a company, you also get help with goods receipt and waste management, which facilitates operations even more. Our location is staffed from Monday to Saturday and you are always welcome to stop by for a cup of coffee.

Are you interested in hearing more about our facilities or booking a store? Do not hesitate to come by Pelican Botkyrka or hear from us, and we will find the best and cheapest storage solution for you.

Why Pelican Botkyrka?
  • Accessible only two minutes from the E4
  • High service level with staffing 6 days a week
  • Borrow our trailers for free

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