Flexible storage, incoming goods service and WiFi streamlines the business

When you have a heavy flow of deliveries in and out, you need a high level of service and a flexible approach to warehousing and storage space. Jesper Nyhlin is a serial entrepreneur who runs several consumer goods web shops. Jesper knows that Pelican Self Storage in Täby provides a smooth stock management service.

Jesper Nyhlin founded e-commerce enterprise CLVR in 2010. “We are e-traders. We market different types of consumer goods via several sites, including enkelt.se, e-lampor.se and sortiment.se.

Having created web solutions for client companies for many years, Jesper and his business partner decided to start their own e-commerce company. A great idea took shape.

We appreciate just how frustrating it is to order a consumer product and find that it is out of stock. We set out to simplify the ordering process and make sure that the product is always available.

Jesper supplies his customers with many different types of products, e.g. razor blades, vacuum cleaner bags, batteries and lighting. The company continues to grow.

“At first, we rented a small external storage unit. Within a short time, we got a warehouse of our own and hired staff to receive incoming goods, pick, pack and dispatch to customers.” They soon realised that so many different incoming goods deliveries made planning a nightmare. So they reconsidered. Less than a year of setting up their own warehouse, CLVR rented its first storage unit at Pelican in Täby.

We came to the conclusion that our business works best when we do not have too much static storage space. We have been able to grow and have therefore repeatedly adjusted storage capacity.

Jesper says that the combination of services supplied by Pelican streamlines CLVR’s business processes. He believes that factors such as flexibility, high standards of service and a readiness to meet challenges flourish at Pelican. “We are very satisfied. Staff at Pelican are always friendly and approachable. They are always ready for a chat about what they have to do to keep their e-commerce activities running as smoothly as possible.

The staff at the Täby centre receives all CLVR’s incoming goods. “We turn up only when we need to pick and pack. We avoid having to hire warehouse staff to receive incoming goods deliveries! Schenker or PostNord collect CLVR's pre-packed customer orders from Pelican's reception. This procedure means that we no longer have any interest in having our own warehouse,” says Jesper Nyhlin. Flexibility is gold. “We have acquired a few businesses and are currently consolidating. The set-up is ideal for us because it is extremely flexible!”